I recently came upon SmartFlix. It is an online DVD rental service similar to NetFlix. SmartFlix specializes in only renting "How-To" videos for the handy handy person. Why two handies (is that real word)? I have learned through my short life that not all handy people are that handy after all...At SmartFlix you can rent videos from almost everybody convincible topic from learning how to Building a Small Steam Engine to learning how to play back-up banjo (That has always been high up on my life to-do lists...).When browsing through it, I discovered that there are also a pike of canoeing and kayaking skills videos. Some we have all seen before but others looked new and interesting.Looking to expand your mind over the winter? Rent "Cave Cooking". Here is the description for those who don’t feel like clicking over:Cave Cooking is our way of showing you wilderness food preparations. In this landmark video Karen shows you how to clean and cook fish, squirrel, marmot, maggot and some select wild edible plants.I think I might just rent this in time for Christmas. :)
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