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Monday, 11 January 2010
New Valley Website Capture

It took forever but Valley Kayaks has just rolled out their new website for the world to see and it’s a huge improvement to the placeholder that has been sitting there since the beginning of November. For people who haven’t been following along, the super short story is that their site went down abruptly back in September. Due to some unforeseen problems with switching site hosts, they were unable to load up their old site and had to do a complete redesign. You can read a slightly longer version of what happened here.

I took a quick look at the new site and am glad to see they replaced the Rockpool kayak photo that used to be there with several of their own boats. That’s a good start!

Everybody knows that a new website is going to have areas that still need completion and this site is no exception. Look for an expanded Valley Kayaks news section and a new paddlers blog coming soon.

Valley Kayak Aquanaut LV

One thing that I do like about the new site is the large photos of their boats. It’s about time that somebody took advantage of the page width. Manufactures need to remember that many times the website is the first page where a customer will see your boat so take advantage horizontal space (I’m looking at you Boreal Designs!).

Of course the downside of having large photos on your website is if you flip the photos around people are going to notice right away when the writing is backwards...

Ok, I’m going to stop as somebody could easily pull out a 1000 things wrong with my site. I’m just really excited to see that their website is back up and running.

Welcome back Valley! Welcome back!

More info:

To the nerds, the new site is built using the Drupal open source content management system. To the non-nerds, continue to just click and stare at the pretty kayaks...

David Johnston

David Johnston

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