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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Patagonia recyclingI always get excited when I hear about companies taking risk. Sadly I don’t get excited to often (epically in the outdoor industry). With profit margins generally speaking, razor thin, most companies don’t want to take real risks and step out and set themselves apart from other companies. Yes, you get a new design here or there but I find that it is the hurry up and wait to see what other people are doing game. There is some money spent in R&D but compared to other sports or leisure activities it is a drop in the bucket.

What makes me even more excited is when companies put their money where their mouth in relation to the environment. Hands down, the king would be Patagonia’s effort to make their environmental footprint as small as possible.

They do quite a few different programs but the one I really like is their clothing recycling program. What’s that you ask? Well, you can drop off or mail in your old worn out Capilene underwear and they will recycle it and turn it back into new garments. What a great idea. They recently expanded it so it now so that all Polertec fleeces made over the past 16 years is now completely recyclable.

Take a peek at their website for more info about the program. They also developed an executive summery and a whitepaper about the program that breaks down the amount of energy saved through the recycling program.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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