Back in 1996, Shaun Baker broke the record for the worlds longest kayak freefall when he dropped 65 feet off the Aldeyjarfoss falls in Iceland. Now, he wants to shatter that record by going over the biggest drop of them all; Niagara Falls. How will he avoid the rocks and immense amount of water poring over? His newest invention, a jet powered kayak.
A friend of mine just noticed in the paper that this week marine police found the remains of Pei Ding Xu who was murdered 4 years ago in Lake Ontario. The body was in a duffel bag weighted down by cement bags. The creepy part is that the location is the exact place where we regularly paddle in the bumps and waves of the Western Gap.In fact, we regularly hang out and take a break over the area where the body was found. The fact that the water there is only a couple of meters deep, doesn't make it less creepy.Here is the location in Google Earth for those who are interested.

Weirdest Underwater Stories Of 2008
Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Florida biologist Adam Warwick saved a drowsy black bear that went for a swim has put together a fantastic collection of the weirdest underwater news stories of 2008.Click through and you can read crazy stories like:
Looking for a good reason never to go on the water and just stay at home watching TV? Here are three reasons to be scared of the water.Angler in Illinois catches what may be a piranhaWell, in Joliet, Illinois, an angler caught a fish that might just turn out to be a piranha. Yes, that fish. He was fishing in waters warmed by a generating plan on the Des Plaines River.Judging from a photograph Johnson took, the fish could be a red-bellied South American piranha, said Melissa Kruth, a spokeswoman for the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Kayaker breaks own leg to survive
Monday, 15 September 2008

Check out this absolutely crazy story. A 38 year-old man was out kayaking with his friends in northeast Victoria, Australia when he became trapped under a strainer (a tree across the river). To save his life, he had to break his own leg to get free.Yes, you read it right, broke his own leg.
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