My dad loves funerals. He loves everything about them. Meeting and talking to people and checking out the flower arrangements, etc. He's weird that way.
Peter Parvin knew he found something weird when he picked up the rock that looked like a fish head from the beach. He didn't know until 15 years later the item was priceless.
Slowloris over at Flickr was video taping a thunderstorm storm when the camera in her hand was hit by lightning
Remember kids, fireworks and canoes don't go together. That is what Darren La Page from Eau Claire, WI will tell his grandchildren. Doctors say he is lucky to be alive after firework blasts off part of his foot while he was out on a local canoe trip last Saturday night. He says the plan was to launch two fireworks from shore not actually in the canoe which is what ended up happening. "The next thing I knew my cousin said 'cover your ears' and I turned around and he was lighting the fireworks. I was more or less in shock and the pain started right away. I pulled my foot up and it was split and the canoe was split. I could see my heel was gone," Darren says.

Thieves steal kayak club's shed
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dave Parfitt and Bridget Thomas, of Nevis Canoe Club, on the site of the new storage shed. The Write Image, 01397 703323 Here is one for the weird files. The Nevis Canoe Club in Fort William, UK was in the process of installing a new shed to house the three new sea kayaks they purchased. The only problem is that somebody has come along and stolen the shed...
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