Canoeing enthusiast placed in canoe for wake

Friday, 29 August 2008
Wood CoffinMy dad loves funerals. He loves everything about them. Meeting and talking to people and checking out the flower arrangements, etc. He's weird that way.

He loves to tell stories of different funerals that he has been to over the years, his best tales are the disaster stories of fights breaking out, caskets tipping over and bodies falling out of the bottom of the pine box as they were being carried down the aisle.

Along with the disasters, he would also talk about unique things that people did like getting buried with their stuffed dog or getting buried with their motorcycle etc.

I saw this news article and immediately thought of him. In fact, I'm going make a note to tell him so he can add it to his repertoire of stories. In a year or two, I sure it will get "modified" a bit so that he was there in real life. That tends to happen...

Leslie Christopher (Les) Crowe was a master canoeist, trapper, snowmobile racer and all-around outdoor adventurist. He died last month at 87 in Peterborough, Ontario.

During the wake, Mr. Crowe asked to be placed in a canoe. During the ceremony, a paddle was banged twice as a salute.

"Many times going across the finish line, usually in first, he would do the paddle salute." Said his daughter, Catherine Crowe.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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