Kayaker breaks own leg to survive

Monday, 15 September 2008
Broken Leg - Photo Credit: ItzaFineDayCheck out this absolutely crazy story. A 38 year-old man was out kayaking with his friends in northeast Victoria, Australia when he became trapped under a strainer (a tree across the river). To save his life, he had to break his own leg to get free.

Yes, you read it right, broke his own leg.

"With him being trapped, he had to push his way out and free his legs, so that was the only way he could get himself out," intensive care flight paramedic Anthony De Wit said.

"The flow of the water was pushing him under a tree where he was pinned and at risk of drowning so he actually broke his leg to get himself out of his kayak."

After he got to shore, he had to spend the night in the bush while two of his friends hiked out for help.

The next morning he was rescued by helicopter.

If you don't remember anything else from this story remember this, "broke his own leg."

More info: news.com.au [Thanks to Mike for the link.]
Photo Credit: ItzaFineDay
David Johnston

David Johnston

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