This Canoe/Power Shovel Hybrid is 360 Degrees of Non-Practical Awesomeness

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The first canoe/power shovel hybrid ever.

These two videos show that with enough time your do-it-yourself neighbour can come up with anything. To be honest I have no idea how this is helpful to the river clean-up it was apparently built for but I will be honest with you, I would be the first to sign-up to sit in that chair and just spin around while everybody else does the work paddling.

According to the video description it also shoots water balloons though I’m disappointed that there is no video for that. The video below shows how well thought out it is including an articulated boom arm and a rope to tip out the garbage when the bucket is full.

I’m not sure who actually designed this monster but Flickr user Tim Massaro gets the credit for posting it online.

Update: I just got this post below from twitter user @team_owl who said that a couple of friends were the ones who put it together. He is also promising water balloon throwing video.

@kayakinstructor A few guys I work with made it. I also have some water balloon video to share. We are taking it out again on Friday too :)less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

David Johnston

David Johnston

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